About Maas Graphite & Carbon Products

Established in 2006, MaaS Graphite & Carbon Products has been supplying Natural Graphite Flake and Powder of all grades to Indian industries for various applications including manufacturing Silicon Carbide and Clay Graphite Crucibles, manufacturing Alumina Carbon and Magnesia Carbon refractory bricks, manufacturing continuous casting refractories, friction materials, lubricants, fuel cells, Battery, manufacturing Expandable Graphite, Diamond polishing, Drilling, Paints, Coatings, Electrical Earthing, Pencil, Brake lining, manufacturing foundry fluxes, back fill material.

With market presence in Indian subcontinent, South Africa, West Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, East/Middle Africa, and many other countries, MaaS Graphite remains a major supplier of natural graphite, synthetic graphite, related carbon products, and a variety of other raw materials.

By focusing on meeting your diverse needs, we continue to maintain our position as the world's supplier of choice for best graphite and carbons. Our extensive research and development work creates new products to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, marching fast towards collaboration, growth, and diversification.

With a dominant aim to improve our business relationship with our clients, we strive to serve by providing quality end-product. To achieve this we focus on the up-gradation of our state-of-the-art machinery equipments in terms of safety standards regularly.

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